uPVC Bi-Fold Doors in Derbyshire

Our superior bi-fold doors are available for all homeowners throughout
Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Chesterfield and surrounding areas.

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Modern, Impressive Design

Innovative and intelligent, our bi-fold doors are a sleek, stylish and high-performance choice for all properties. Allowing for a completely seamless connection to your garden, bi-fold doors offer maximum accessibility whilst excelling in quality and design.

Ensuring outstanding levels of thermal efficiency, security and durability, the uPVC profile used throughout all of our uPVC bi-fold doors specialises in quality by design. We offer this profile as proud members of the group, ensuring faultless workmanship every time.

uPVC Bi-Fold Doors Derby

Versatile Installation

We can install our uPVC bi-fold doors in a combination ranging from 2-6 panels. This means that we can tailor your installation to the space of your property effortlessly. You’ll always get the perfect fit, guaranteeing high standards quality.

Seamless Connection

Due to their intelligent design, 90% of the door aperture folds away upon opening. This creates an incredibly wide opening, resulting in a beautifully seamless connection to your garden. Welcome friends and family with ease.

Highly Secure

The inherent security of the structurally reinforced uPVC profile we use is enhanced by high security, multi-point locking systems. This guarantees a consistent standard of security throughout the whole uPVC door frame, ensuring complete peace of mind.

uPVC Bi-Folding Doors Derby

uPVC Bi-Fold Door styles Derby

uPVC Bi-Fold Doors


Eliminating the possibility of draughts and water ingress, the Q-Lon weather seal gasket achieves unbeatable standards of weatherproofing. Product longevity is ensured by a 20-year guarantee and a 99% memory recovery rate.

uPVC Profile

Manufactured using only the highest quality uPVC, the uPVC profile we offer is built upon excellence. The intelligently designed 5 chamber profile is combined with selected reinforcement to offer homeowners unbeatable performance and security.

Colours & Finishes

Our comprehensive range of colours and finishes allow you to tailor your bi-fold doors to your tastes. Choose from ‘Plain Colours’, ‘Solid Colours’, ‘Standard Woodgrains’ or ‘Prestige Woodgrains’ to find your perfect colour.

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Thermal Efficiency

Effective heat retention is essential to maintaining a warm home in an eco-friendly and effective manner. We use a 5 chamber uPVC profile which specialises in trapping pockets of warm air, dramatically reducing the amount of warm air escaping from your home.

This profile will allow you save money on your heating bills, whilst simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint. This is achieved by increasing the efficiency of your central heating, allowing you to use it less.

upvc bi-fold door prices Derby

Maximum Accessibility

Due to their substantial opening, bi-fold doors offer outstanding levels of accessibility. The space is fantastic for family gatherings, or even for moving large items to and from your garden. This can also be combined with an ultra-low threshold to allow ultimate accessibility for pushchair and wheelchair users.

uPVC Bi-Fold Door Prices in Derby

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