Premier Wall Coatings in Derbyshire

We offer outstanding wall coatings to all homeowners throughout
Derby, Leicester, Nottingham, Chesterfield and surrounding areas.

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Versatile Application

Our Premier Wall Coatings greatly increase water resistance on a range of materials, including concrete, mortar, brick and sandstone. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of high quality across various parts of your home.

Our wall coatings excel at preventing the penetration of damp. Protect your home against damage and rot without compromising on home aesthetic. This allows you to prevent damp whilst still maintaining the appearance of brickwork and stonework.

water-proof brick Derby

Effective Surfaces

wall coating derby

Brick Fletton

brick wall coating Derby

Brick West Hoathley

wall coating Derby


protective wall coating Derby

Sandstone Blaxter

brick protective coating Derby

Sandstone York

brick and stone wall coating Derby

Sandstone Sheffield

stone protective coating derby

Concrete Paving

waterproof brick coating Derby

Natural Aesthetic

Applied as a single coat via brush, roller, or spray, Premier Wall Coatings deeply penetrate the masonry to maintain a consistent standard of quality and performance throughout the whole of the applied area, not just the surface.

It will then cure into a colourless and breathable, water resistant barricade which will offer high performance against the elements, whilst simultaneously eliminating any possibilities of a finish that is detrimental to your home aesthetic.

Highly Durable

Premier Wall Coatings are the only colourless masonry water repellent treatment to carry the prestigious BBA approval. This has been achieved as the result of and extensive and meticulous testing process.

They have proven themselves to maintain continued water-repellency even after aggressive freeze-thaw and UV exposure. Accompanied with a stated durability of 25 years, Premier Wall Coating will prove itself to be a worthy addition to any home.

durable wall coating Derby

energy efficient wall coating Derby

Energy Efficient

Achieving an exceptional standard of thermal efficiency, Premier Wall Coatings can reduce energy bills by up to 29%. This is ensured by keeping your walls dry, which allows them to insulate heat to the maximum standards of performance.

This will greatly contribute to the heat retention of your property, allowing you to use your heating for shorter periods of time and less frequently. Overall, this will allow you to experience notable reductions on your heating bills and carbon footprint.

Flood Protection

Flood protection can result in thousands of pounds of damage. Premier Wall Coatings specialise in preventing water from entering your home and will greatly increase the flood resistance properties of your home.

This allows you to enjoy increased peace of mind, as we provide protection from flood water up to the government recommended 600mm.  To ensure property protection, all water above this height must be allowed to enter the property to alleviate water pressure.

flood protection derby

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