Flat Roofing

We install our outstanding flat roofing to all homes throughout
Derby, Nottingham, Chesterfield, Leicester and surrounding areas.

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Our flat roof solutions offer unbeatable standards of durability, performance and design. Utilising state-of-the-art equipment and expert craftsmanship, our flat roofs feature the unbeatable EDPM synthetic rubber system in order to guarantee quality.

To ensure a swift and efficient installation, we can easily fit our outstanding flat roofs to your current roof boards. This not only reduces construction costs it also means that you’ll be able to enjoy your new roof in no time at all.

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Global Roof Flat Roofing

To ensure quality and customer satisfaction, we use the outstanding Global Roof system from Synseal. We have been installing high-quality flat roofing throughout Derbyshire for nearly fifty years, which ensures we also deliver.

Including a very safe installation, incredibly low maintenance cost and the ability to achieve high standards of performance in both hot and cold climates, you’ll be able to enjoy an incredibly well rounded flat roof that will continue to satisfy.

Outstanding Guarantee

Accompanied by a 20-year guarantee and a 50-year life expectancy, our Flat Roofs not only offer outstanding performance they offer it for a substantial period of time. Enjoy a new roof that will prove itself to be a worthy investment for your home.

Natural Aesthetic

Black in colour, the EPDM synthetic rubber roof achieves a natural aesthetic that doesn’t show dirt. This innovative design, unlike the traditional felt system, does not support the growth of moss which eliminates the need for stone chippings, ensuring a smooth and clean finish.

Established Design

The Global Roof design is the result of a stringent and meticulous research and development process. Exceeding industry standards, our flat roofs are committed to excelling in all areas of performance and achieving only the best to offer. you won’t have to settle for less.

Highly Durable

Consisting of cyclical membrane fatigue resistance, hail resistance, flexibility in low temperatures, UV resistance, thermal shock durability and a high resistance to weathering and abrasion, our flat roofing offers an unbeatable level of product longevity.

Economically Friendly

Combining extremely eco-friendly materials with a low energy application process, we can guarantee that our flat roofing is incredibly economically friendly. Sustainable and high quality, we offer the best of both worlds allowing you to enjoy increased home comfort and peace of mind.

Quality Manufacturing

Following an extremely strict and rigorous testing processes from the raw material selection to the finished product testing, all of our flat roofs have been certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in accordance to quality management and environmental management.

Flat Roofing Prices

If you’re interested in outfitting your home extension with an outstanding flat roof from us, then you can get in touch with us via our online enquiry form where a member of our friendly team will be on hand to help you with any questions you may have.

Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0800 8401526 to speak to a team member personally. We pride ourselves on offering a service that is prompt, informative and professional.